Photographers’ Rights & Responsibilities

This is the text of a card issued to all ChorleyPS members on joining the club. It may be useful to carry it with you on Club or other photographic outings. It is worth stressing that it only applies to public places: You may need to seek permission to photograph on private premises, such as shopping malls, historic buildings &c

Photographers' Rights & Responsibilities

There is no law in the United Kingdom preventing a photographer from taking photographs in a public place. Individuals have no legal right to stop a photographer from photographing them. Photographers may shoot street scenes, landscapes and buildings. They may also photograph people, including children, the police and other officials, without breaking any law and with perfect freedom to do so.

It is, however, courteous to desist from photographing if someone is upset by it. Photographers should, at all times, co-operate with the police and should take particular care to avoid obstructing the police or emergency services. Anti-terrorism laws do give the police powers to stop and search anyone for the prevention of terrorism.

No-one can force you to delete any images without a court order.

If you want to know more, you may download a two page PDF guide – which is fairly comprehensive – from this external site:  UK Photographers’ Rights Guide

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