2017-18 Rules

This is an extract from the 2015-17 Handbook, which may be obtained from the Membership Secretary.

League & Competition Rules 2017-18

  • General

  • Competitions can only be entered using the Competition Portal accessed via the Competition tab on the Club’s website. chorleyps.org.
  • The member must hold the copyright of the image.
  • Any manipulation of the image must have been carried out solely by the member. However, a commercial printer may produce prints.
  • An image needs to be identified only by its title. The software will produce the file name automatically for PDIs and produce labels which can be printed for the prints.
  • Any queries to the Competition Secretary at: competitions@chorleyps.org
  • Prints should be mounted on board or thick card.
  • The size of the print, including the mount board is 50cm x 40cm. This is the only size for both internal and external competitions. It meets the requirements of the L&CPU and the PAGB.
  • The printed labels should be placed on the back of the print near the top right hand corner. There should be no identifying marks on the front of the print.
  • Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

  • PDIs should be 1600px wide x 1200px high. If an image is smaller than this it should be placed on a black canvas which matches these dimensions.
  • They should be saved as JPEGs with a maximum file size of 1MB.
  • The colour space should be sRGB.
  • Images not meeting these specifications will be rejected by the software.

League Open Competitions.

Competitions are an integral part of club activities and one of the best methods you can use to assess how your photography is improving. All members are therefore encouraged to enter competitions from an early stage. Both Print and Digital.

Internal Competitions

Judges for these competitions are experienced Club Photographers. They will be aware of the sections and will temper their remarks accordingly.

Competition Leagues

The Print League

The PDI League, – normally four competitions (3 entries per person).
However, if the total number of images entered into any competition is 120 or higher, then the entry will be reduced to only two images per person. The third image entered, based on its ID number, will be the one discarded. It is therefore suggested that the members submit their entry in order of priority so their top two images are the ones retained. The Internal Competition Secretary’s decision on these matters shall be final.

The PDI League.

Four PDI Competitions, 3 entries in each –  Also see general rules above.

An image entered into a print competition can not be entered into a PDI competition and vice versa.

Images must not have been used in any previous league competition. Images from the Presidents Competition or Triptych Competitions can be entered in League Competitions.

Members Images

Members who enter Competitions are expected to make available to the club any work requested by the Competition Secretary for possible selection into external competitions.


The judge will comment & give Scores out of 20. Please, remember it’s the comments that will guide you to improve. All marks will count in assessing the final league positions. The Triptych and the President’s competition are additional to the League and will not be used in final league positions.

The Annual Competitions

New work can be entered but the competition should be looked upon as a review of the season’s work.

  • Print and PDI follow same format.

  • 10 entries per member (minimum of 3 being mono)
  • All entries judged together, in the usual league sections.
  • Scored out of 15

an overall winner in each section.

Judges then agree on Awards per section • Best creative

  • Best landscape
  • Best nature
  • Best portrait
  • Best mono

15 judges awards plus the 3 overall section winners

President to announce the awards at the end

Judges will be invited to give their comments,

With agreement, prints may be retained for the exhibition.

The Triptych Competition.

The Triptych competition is additional to the League and will not be used in final league positions. Three sets of images may be entered to this competition in both formats, six in total.

Prints Entries may be presented on one mount board or three individual images.

PDI – all three images should be mounted on the same background 1600px (wide) x 1200px (high), one file.

A triptych is a set of three images that make one entry. These images are often on the same subject but do not have to be. A triptych has to flow across the three images. This can be the same colour tones, subject etc.

Competition – The President’s Theme

This is a PDI (projected digital) Competition.

Three images per Person can be entered into this Competition. This years theme is ‘Book Titles